Rhetoric of Email and Text Messages in Cases of Rape

Trigger warning: This post addresses acquaintance rape and victim blaming. I read this February 17 Chronicle of Higher Education article with interest about the use of texts and emails in rape cases, especially the bit about facing the “court of public opinion”: In Rape Cases, Students’ Texts and Emails Face the Court of Public Opinion….
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#MakeItHappy and Algorithmic Rhetoric

Check out this Gawker article on its attempts to reveal the insipidity of the nifty algorithm Coca Cola developed as part of its #MakeItHappy Twitter campaign. Several aspects of the story interest me, which I plan to address in upcoming posts. For now, consider this irony: Coke’s algorithm got called out by Gawker’s algorithm.

Samuel’s Words Never Fell to the Ground

“The LORD was with Samuel as he grew up, and he let none of Samuel’s words fall to the ground.” I Samuel 3:19 I teach Sunday School at a Baptist church. Let me be a little more accurate: I alternate discussing Biblical principles with high school seniors and young adults ages 18-22 or so. These…
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