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I’m a full-time web content manager by day and an adjunct professor of English by night at the University of Richmond School of Professional and Continuing Studies. I’m also a part-time doctoral candidate in English at Old Dominion University, part of a hybrid on-campus/distance cohort.

I’ve been an English educator since I graduated from the University of Richmond with a B.A. in English. I’ve taught high school and college-level literature and composition, directed a summer residential program for gifted high school students, and worked as a professional free-lance web designer and developer. I’ve been attracted to digital publishing and composing since my days as a high school yearbook advisor, when I learned the principles of layout and graphic design on a Window’s 3.1 machine with 4 MB of RAM running Aldus PageMaker.

My scholarship focuses on the intersection of rhetoric and the technology. I’m interested in digital literacy, technology-mediated composing in networked environments, identity in networks, and the rhetoric of the digital, both as product and object of study. My PhD focus areas at ODU are technology & media studies and rhetoric, writing & discourse studies.

I study and value emergent rhetorical agency among agentive assemblages. I seek to reclaim the local ecology within globally-networking composing spaces. I value exposing mediation in technologies presumed to be instrumental. I find rhetoric enthralling.