Response to Annotated Bibliographies: So Now I’m a Node

Mindmap visualization

I responded to Maury’s annotated bibliography of VanKooten’s “Toward a Rhetorically Sensitive Assessment Model for New Media Composition,” and I also responded to Amy’s annotated bibliography of Bourelle’s et al. “Assessing Learning in Redesigned Online First-year Composition Courses.” I appreciated Maury’s conclusion that the model VanKooten offers is plausible because I trust her academic, pedagogical, and…
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A Crisis – One of Many?

Crisis What Crisis Art Image

During last Monday’s class, I shared that I felt I was in crisis. This is something I’ve felt since a particular professor spoke to the class. I don’t think the professor engendered the crisis, but the presentation’s unwillingness to leave the realm of theory—and my difficulty following what the professor had to say—resulted in a…
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Gamification – MediaCommons

I just posted a response to an article on MediaCommons, part of my new-found involvement in new media scholarship through the English PhD program at Old Dominion University. The article was written in response to this survey question: How does gamification affect learning? The article, “Game…check. Research…check. Practitioner buy-in…?” by University of Southern California’s Zoe…
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