Curating a MediaCommons Collection on Algorithms

screen capture

I was flattered a few months ago to be asked to develop a MediaCommons Field Guide survey on the general topic of algorithms. In consultation with (and following the sage advice of) the MediaCommons editorial team, I formulated the following question to be addressed by respondents: What opportunities are available to influence the way algorithms are programmed,…
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Mindmap #13: Concept Groupings 1

Israel/Palestine border wall

This week is the first of two focused on grouping theorists and/or theories by concepts. I identified five concept groups to which I’ve connected theories: Agency, Flow, Meaning, Boundaries, and Composition/Rhetoric. I’ve included a screenshot of the area I’ve set aside for concept grouping, along with a full-map version. I described the concept groups as…
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Mindmap #5: Operationalizing Theories

lego assembly line vizualization

In this week’s mindmap, I started thinking about big-picture issues, like operationalization and agency. Theorized vs. Operationalized In terms of operationalization, I added nodes for Theorized and Operationalized, relating to each of the theories we’ve discussed to date. I found Hardware/Network descriptions matched Genre Tracing as operationalized, while the other theories were, as the name…
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