Case Study #4: FrankenTheory

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Boundaries in My Analysis of Google Analytics I am limiting my analysis of Google Analytics as an object of study by focusing on its activities and its data model as reported in terms of dimensions and metrics. Google defines Analytics activity as collection, collation, processing, and reporting. Google describes its data model as consisting of…
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Case Study: Scaffolding Outline

OoS: Google Analytics Activities addressed in my OoS: Collection, Collation, Processing, Reporting GA Data Model: User (Visitor), Session (Visit), Interaction (Hits) Data Model Collections and Reports: Dimensions (“descriptive attribute or characteristic of an object”) and Metrics (“Individual elements of a dimension that can be measured as a sum or ratio”) (Google, 2014). Theories & Selection…
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Case Study #3: GA and Castells’ Network Society

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Literature Review As I noted in Case Study #2, Google Analytics (GA) appears most often in scholarship as a black-boxed application that reports (presumed accurate) visitor frequency and browsing behavior on websites. Websites are said by be “successful” in terms of reported visitor traffic to the site, number of pages viewed while on the site,…
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Re/Proposed Object of Study: Google Analytics


I’m sticking with Google Analytics as my object of study. I’m too invested in the object, and it remains an important part of my professional responsibilities and therefore an object that I need to study, whether for this class or for professional development. In fact, this month I earned another certificate of completion for a…
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Applying Foucault’s Archaeology of Knowledge to Google Analytics

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 Introduction: A Brief Overview of Google Analytics Google Analytics consists of two main components: Google-programmed Javascript code embedded on each page within a website “which collects and sends visitor activity to your Google Analytics account” (“How Analytics Impacts,” 2014) and the reporting mechanism connected to the Javascript code where visitor activity is collected and displayed…
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Mindmap #1: The Rabbit Hole

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At this point in the class, more questions than answers face me. In one sense I recognize the relative simplicity of a network: a connection of nodes. On the other hand, I quickly complicate my simple definition with questions: Are nodes relatively static? Are they predefined via framework or developed on the fly through the action of…
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