Applying Foucault’s Archaeology of Knowledge to Google Analytics

street sign photo: rue foucault

 Introduction: A Brief Overview of Google Analytics Google Analytics consists of two main components: Google-programmed Javascript code embedded on each page within a website “which collects and sends visitor activity to your Google Analytics account” (“How Analytics Impacts,” 2014) and the reporting mechanism connected to the Javascript code where visitor activity is collected and displayed…
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Reading Notes: Foucault Parts III-V


I reached nearly 3,000 words in my notes on these sections of The Archaeology of Knowledge, so what you’re reading here represents a summary of my reading notes. I kept trying to use my notes as a way to write myself into understanding the reading; although I ended up quoting lines from the text (turns…
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Reading Notes: Foucault Parts I and II

Summary Part I The major idea introduced in Part I is that discourse must be considered in its relationship to other discourses and other aspects of discourse. Its defined characteristics should be determined in its relationship to its context and content, and to other discourses, in the same genre as well as to other discourse…
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