Universal Accessibility Remains Elusive

As High-Tech Teaching Catches On, Students With Disabilities Can Be Left Behind in Chronicle for Higher Education. I know this story is hardly news, as the first comment to the story reiterates. But it’s an important reminder to those of us who teach: we need to seek out universally accessible technologies and tools for our classrooms….
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Technology as a Classroom Distraction for Students

Essay in Inside Higher Education by Mary Flanagan, distinguished professor of digital humanities at Dartmouth College and a fellow of The OpEd Project. Flanagan concludes with this plea: We need a culture change to manage our use of technology, to connect when we want to and not because we psychologically depend on it. Enough is…
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Of Research Tools and Publishing Platforms

technology and research

As a result of a comment I posted on The Chronicle of Higher Education ProfHacker blog article, “How Do Your Tools Help You Move Forward?” I learned about Citelighter, an online research tool. I’ve taken a brief look at the tool, which enables researchers to download a browser extension that allows highlighting and annotating of…
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Gamification – MediaCommons

I just posted a response to an article on MediaCommons, part of my new-found involvement in new media scholarship through the English PhD program at Old Dominion University. The article was written in response to this survey question: How does gamification affect learning? The article, “Game…check. Research…check. Practitioner buy-in…?” by University of Southern California’s Zoe…
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No Longer the Disrupted?

Computer monitors

I’m in the process of writing a brief report for class on two articles addressing this question: What should the role of technology be in the composition classroom? Neither article explicitly addresses this question, but both take a position on the question of whether and how technology ought to be used in the composition classroom….
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Seeking the Best Research and Writing Tool

As I begin my doctoral studies, I’ve struggled to find the best tool for recording research, taking research notes, taking reading notes, writing responses, and maintaining a collection of annotated PDFs. The digital age offers so many tools for conducting research and recording notes, but I’ve not found the single tool that will do everything…
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