5 Readings for Class

Our guest lecturer for next week’s Major Debates in English Studies class is Dr. Igloria. She’s sent us five readings to prepare prior to class.

The Defense of the Poesy Workshoppe by Paisley Rekdal

Responding to Paisley Rekdal’s “The Defense of the Poesy Workshoppe” by Luisa Igloria

Writing Like a White Guy: Language, Race, and Poetry by Jaswinder Bolina

The One Thing White Writers Get Away With, But Authors of Color Don’t by Gracie Jin

What We Teach When We Teach Writers: On the Quantifiable and the Uncertain by Sonya Chung

I’m looking forward to looking at some readings online rather than in scholarly journals. For the most part I’m enjoying all of our readings so far, but it’s refreshing to do some reading in the medium in which I spend most of my time…


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